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Overhead Drum Mic

CAD CM217 Condenser Cymbal Hi-Hat Ukulele Mic Overhead Drum CM 217 Microphone


2 Audix F9 Cardioid Condenser Microphones Pair Acoustic Guitar/Drum Overhead


AKG Drum Set Session I Dynamic Condenser Overhead Live Stage Mic Microphone Pack


CAD Drum Mic Kit Bass, Tom, Overhead with Carrying Case KBM412 ICM417 TSM411


7 Microphone Drum Kit Mic Set Snare, Bass Kick, Toms, Overhead


Sabian SSKIT 4-Piece Kick Drum Overhead Cymbal Microphone & Mixer Recording Kit


7-Piece Drum Microphone Mic Kit Bass Snare 3x Tom 2x Overhead w/ Mounts


Audio Technica ATM450 Drum Mic for Overhead/HiHat


CAD - Stage 7 - Drum Pack Snare, Kick, 3x Tom, 2x Overhead


CAD Audio C9S Stereo Drum Overhead Microphones - C9 S


Sennheiser e 614 Drum and Percussion Overhead Instrument Microphone #E 614


CAD Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick, Snare, 3 Tom & 2 Overhead Mics


Audix ADX 51 Condenser Microphone ADX51 Acoustic Guitar Drum Overhead Room


CAD Stage 7 Drum Microphone 7pc Mic Pack incl Snare Kick Tom Overhead Mics


Audix ADX51 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Mic for drum overhead acoustic instruments


Sennheiser e 614,Evolution,Polarized Supercardioid Overhead Drum Microphone


Avenson Audio ST0-2 Stereo Microphone Set - drum overhead pair


AKG Drum Set Session I (7) Microphone Kit w/Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+Boundary Mic


AKG Drum Set Session I (7) Microphone Kit w/ Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+Stand+Mixer


AKG Drum Set Session I (7) Microphone Kit w/ Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+Clamps+Case


AKG Drum Set Session I 7) Microphones Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+Clamps+Case+Stands


AKG Drum Set Session I (7) Mics Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+ATH-M40X Headphones


Beyerdynamic MC930-STEREO-SET Overhead Drum Microphones+Snare/Tom/Kick+Stands


AKG Drum Set Session I (7) Mics Bass/Overhead/Snare/Tom+Throne+Stand+Headphones


Beyerdynamic MC930-STEREO-SET Overhead Microphones+AKG Kick Drum Mic+Headphones


AKG D112 MKII Kick Drum Bass Guitar Microphone+Samson Pair Pencil Overhead Mics


Triad Orbit Overhead/Kick Drum Mic Stand System | Pro Audio LA


Triad-Orbit Drum Overhead System Microphone Stand


7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit inc Case - 4 Tom / Snare, 2 Overhead & Kick Drum Mic


AKG Drum Set Session I 7 Piece Overhead Mic Microphone Pack w/ Case


Audix F9 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Acoustic Guitar/Drum Overhead Instrument